Getting Through: Tales of Corona and Community


GETTING THROUGH is the fruit of a grassroots effort to grow community through story-telling during this unprecedented period of coronavirus physical isolation. By donating ALL of our profits from book sales to the Red Cross, reaching out to help those who are in desperate need during these harrowing times, we extend that sense of community. The stories, essays, and poems contributed to this collection were mostly written within the first few weeks of confinement by some old friends and many from new friends whose faces I've never seen; from aspiring writers to established authors; from every corner of the US and from around the globe; from scientists, musicians, birders, high school students…you name it. Some pieces are deadly serious, others a touch bizarre, and some I hope will give you a chuckle in these difficult times.`In GETTING THROUGH, you'll find fiction, nonfiction, poetry, dystopia, essay, memoir, humor, science fiction, children's stories. Stories of faith and hope. Stories of biting satire and of empathy. Love letters from parents to children. It's all good. People are creative in many ways. The collaborative effort has given us, the authors, direction and hope and spirit as we face the harsh realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. By sharing the fruits of our labor with you, the reader, we hope you will join us in our community-building aspirations so that when it's finally safe to go outside again--as it will be--we will enter an even better world hand in hand.Here's the honor roll of contributors to GETTING THROUGH: Robert Baldwin, Riccardo Betti, Johanna Fridrich, Dan Blum, Ann Chamberlin, David Cowley, Mi a Bella D'Augelli, Robert Debbaut, Victoria Dougherty, Gerald Elias (author and editor), Katherine Fast, Priscilla Halberg, John Harrison, Jesse Hercules, Rosalind Horton, Stephen Hughes, Tana Hunter, Julie R. Ingelfinger, Janet K. Linder, Cheryl Marceau, Julia Moser, Kim Nagy, Laura Osborne, Steven Sedley, Sam Shames, Cami Shaskin.

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