Past Media Features and Ways to Connect

January 2024

Read Gerald's blog post for #WriterWednesday on author Heather Weidner's website. here

December 2023

A second round of reviewing Gerald's books by Viridan Tea House here

Discover the blending of writing and the life of a professional concert musician from Gerald Elias. Live recording from here

Listen to Gerald's interview on NBC about his book "Murder at the Royal Albert". here

Learn more about the inner workings of Gerald's book, "Murder at the Royal Albert," and more! Interviewed by Alan Warren. here

September 2023

Watch a short spotlight on Gerald's book "The Devil's Trill". here

YouTube channel "Viridian Tea House"'s thoughtful reviews of books by Gerald Elias here

February 2023

Carol Goodman Kaufman dives deep into music and mystery with Gerald, also discussing the Daniel Jacobus series. here

January 2022

Gerald Elias in conversation with Barbara Peters, discussing "Cloudy with a Chance for Murder". here

December 2020

An interview with Shawn Reilly Simmons, "Five Compelling Questions with Shawn". here

November 2020

Discussing "The Beethoven Sequence" and much more with the Utah Humanities. here

October 2020

Explore literary and musical insight by watching a dynamic podcast on "ON MIC with JORDAN RICH". here

December 2019

Gerald Elias Performs his award-winning essay, “War and Peace. And Music,” at TEDxSaltLakeCity. here

May 2015

"Music to Die For": Elias chats with host Steven Kapp Perry on BYUradio's podcast, "Highway 89". here

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