Maestro, the Potbellied Pig (Independently produced)


A thoroughly enjoyable story! The Congratulations! -Ann Pilot (Former principal harp, Boston Symphony Orchestra)

Cassandra is a talented harp player in a symphony orchestra. When she becomes lonely practicing her music, she comes up with the perfect solution. A music-loving pet potbellied pig, who she names Maestro! But as the rambunctious Maestro grows (and grows) Cassandra has a challenge on her hands. Will she have to say good-bye to Maestro forever? Or will Cassandra's problem-solving skills help her find a happy-ever-after solution? The enchanting story of "Maestro, the Potbellied Pig," by violinist and author Gerald Elias, is now also available as an audiobook at, with beautiful music accompanying the magical narration of Alison Larkin.

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