Murder at the Royal Albert: A Daniel Jacobus MysteryBook #8


What gives this mystery its verve is the vibrant cast of characters and Jacobus's indomitable personality and wry wit. -Publishers Weekly

A packed house at London's famed Royal Albert Hall.

Gustav Mahler's monumental 6th Symphony, with its three massive hammer strokes of Fate.

The first and the second go by uneventfully. But then, the third!

Will Mahler's third hammer stroke of Fate claim another victim?

Gerald Elias's riveting eighth installment of the critically acclaimed Daniel Jacobus mystery series will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Blind, curmudgeonly violinist Jacobus and his devoted companions, Yumi Shinagawa and Nathaniel Williams, join forces with Branwell Small, a questionably trustworthy partner in crime solving, and officious DCI Christopher Mattheson as they follow every baffling twist and turn in a truly classical whodunnit.

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