Playing with Fire: A Daniel Jacobus MysteryBook #5


...has the reader on the edge of the seat till the end. -Stringendo Magazine

When an anxious phone call from violinmaker Amadeo Borlotti disturbs Daniel Jacobus's Christmas Eve festivities, he and his dear friends Nathaniel and Yumi make light of it. Surely whatever Amadeo needs to discuss can wait until morning. But shocking news arrives on Christmas Day: Borlotti's home has burned to the ground and Borlotti himself has disappeared—with a fortune far beyond that of a humble violinmaker.

It seems Borlotti had more than his share of secrets. What began for him as an innocent mistake escalated into fraud and larceny. A helpless captive to his past indiscretions, he was consumed by them. Now it is up to Jacobus and his team to find out how and why.

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