DEC 6, 2023

Gerald Elias has just signed a new contract with Level Best Books for two additional mysteries, "Murder on Vacation: From the Files of Maury Gross, NYPD" (Ret.) and "Wild Horses: A Jefferson Dance Western Mystery."

A big shout out to my publisher, Verena Rose at Level Best Books and my agent, Josh Getzler (HG Literary) for putting together this exciting deal.



Murder on Vacation: From the Files of Maury Gross, NYPD (Ret.)

Summer 2024 release

This collection of lighthearted short mysteries is a calm oasis within the whirlwind of the contentious debate over policing in our society, of the seemingly diametrically opposed notions of public safety versus social justice.

Maury Gross, a retired, Jewish NYPD police chief, is a good, respected cop. He’s ethical, honest, thoughtful, and considerate even of the perpetrators of the crimes that he solves. He doesn’t look for trouble, but trouble seems to find him whenever and wherever his devoted wife Bobbi takes them on what they hope will be a relaxing, carefree vacation.

Maury is a good guy who likes a nice sandwich and watching the Mets on television. That might make him an improbable hero in this shades-of-gray day and age, where TV cops seem to gravitate towards being divorced alcoholics with fathers suffering from Alzheimer’s and with maturing daughters whose growing-up problems are clear as a bell to everyone but somehow not to a trained detective. No thanks. I like my Maury just the way he is.



Wild Horses: A Jefferson Dance Western Mystery

Summer 2025 release

Wild Horses is a sequel to Roundtree Days, a 2023 Silver Falchion Award Finalist, and again features Jefferson Dance as a sympathetic, straight-talking Western lawman.

The carcass of a wild horse is discovered in Utah’s remote West Desert. Not only was it killed, it was also butchered. A human corpse is found nearby. Are the two deaths related? The most likely explanation involves the heated conflict between wild horse lovers and cattle interests competing for precious grazing land until Dance and his dog, Smoke, discover a fanatical, cult-like caravan community hidden from civilization.

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